Monday, September 15, 2014

September 15, 2014

This week has been great.  It got really cold this week.  It got in the high 50’s on Thursday and Friday.

A little about the Hiawatha branch. It includes lots of towns and lots of land.  We have about 8 active priesthood holders and lots of families that come every so often. We have about 45 active members that come every week.  The ward List is very small of a large area we cover. Most of the active families do not live in Hiawatha. Fall City is about 20 miles from Hiawatha.  In Fall City we have only one active family, it is President Larson and his family. We end up driving lots to go to the few dinner appointment we have in the week. We also have 3 Casinos on 3 different Indian reservati


Monday we had P-day in Nebraska. We went to the antiques shops and went to the tanks and had photos on the tanks.  Then we had time to take a nap. Then we had dinner and went out to see less actives in Fall City.  Helped the Rasmussen family with some yard work. 

Tuesday we had district meeting in Hiawatha.  In our District we have the Hiawatha sisters and us. We then had lunch at the church building and made some microwave cake for all of us for sister Gunderson birthday. Then we went shopping because in Fall City we don't have a Wal-Mart so we shop when we are in Hiawatha. Then we came back to see less actives in town. Had no luck talking to any one. 

Wednesday we had weekly planning and time to go through our investigator pool and drop the people that needed to be dropped. Then we had diner with Sister Meints in Reserve, Kansas. It is between Fall City and Hiawatha. Then we went to Hiawatha with President Larson to give a blessing to a member that was in the hospital. 
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Thursday we had a District Leader accountability in Topeka. I went with Elder Johnson from the Sherwood Ward. We ended up walking around town for the 3 hours while Elder Pasquale was in his meeting with the Mission President and APs. Then all of the companions that aren't District Leaders went out to eat. President Bell took all of the Zone Leaders and District Leaders out to eat. Then we left Topeka and drove to Sabetha. Worked out there until dinner.  Had dinner with Wheeler Family. 

Friday we had time to do some service and continue to visit Less Actives. We made Enchiladas for lunch. Then President Larson took us out to see the Kelly Family in Rulo, Nebraska. Then on the way back to Fall City we drove next to the Missouri River and saw where Kansas, Nebraska and Missouri all meet. 

Saturday we had time to visit investigators in Fall City and see the Rasmussen Family. Then we had dinner and drove to Hiawatha to meet the New Senior Missionaries. We had fun coloring their sidewalk with notes before they got to town. One of them drove from Provo and the other flew into Wichita and got a ride up to Hiawatha.  Sister Chapman is from New York and ended up staying the night in Nebraska. Sister Murphy is from LA area and ended up getting to Hiawatha late so we ended up not see any of them. 

Sunday Church was great. I gave a talk about how Active Membership helps us progress to return to Heavenly Father. We had lots of people come to church. Had branch counsel after church. Had diner with the Bone Family. Had a great night. Found a new investigator in last 30 minutes of the night.

This week has been great. I hope every one is doing well and having a great fall. Thanks for all the mail and letters. 
Elder Andrew Allen

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