Monday, October 28, 2013

Oct 28, 2013


This week went well. This week we helped several families with service projects.

Monday we had a wonderful p-day. We went bowling and played volleyball. Most of the Topeka Zone came down to play and have a fun time. That evening we ate dinner with the second counselor in the stake presidency. We ended up talking about both of their missions and how they liked them. Also saw pictures of their missions.

Tuesday was zoo service. Rick this week had Elder Robinson and I split wood again. This week we had a bigger pile of wood to split. This was a fun project to do because of the time I had to talk to Rick and Elder Robinson.  After the zoo we went with the Spanish Elders to meet a referral they contacted but is not Spanish speaking.  Nicole is this referral, she is very nice and loves to talk and tell different stories. Then we were able to visit Brother Shovar. Brother Shovar is working on going to the temple. He has a date to work to. He want to do his son’s work after he goes though. Then after dinner we went down south with Brother Scerbo. We do not get down south because of the miles we have with our car. We were able to visit Sister Ryan and help her with some of her questions she has because she can not come to church because she had a stroke about 4 months ago.

Wednesday we ate dinner at our new investigators house. Travis is a nice and loves to talk. He is in the Army and has served in Iraq and around the world. His wife Jamie is a member and they have two children. Their oldest is 7 and young one is 2. Travis has come to church for the last 7 weeks. About 3 weeks ago we found out he was not a member but he still likes to come to church and learn. They are a nice family. They asked at the end of our lesson with us if there was someone in the ward that could look at their dryer because it was popping the breaker. We told them that Brother Paz could look at it.

Thursday we help Bill Reinsch move. We had a fun time working and helping move different things. They are moving their daycare down south because Wal-Mart bought their land and is building a 4th Wal-Mart in Topeka. This was a fun time helping them. Then we went to the retirement home and helped them with crafts. The old people like to help us and share different stories from their life. There are two members that live at this retirement home. Then we went out on team ups with David Kubie.  David Kubie knows lots of the ward members because his family grew up in the ward. His sister Joanna Kubie also came out with us because she told us she needs practice before her mission in January. We were able to meet lots of less active members that were down south.

Friday was district meeting. After district meeting we went on splits with our district leaders. I went with Elder Every and Elder Corvalan went with Elder Owens. Elder Every and I went to the Sherwood ward and had a wonderful time talking to the members in that ward. For dinner we went to the ward missionary house and had dinner. He found out that we did not have a dinner and he had lots of food. They are a nice family they both served missions and are now going to school. Lots of fun with Elder Every.

Saturday Elder Every woke up sick. Elder Corvalan also was not feeling well. That put Elder Owens and I together for the day. The sick Elders stayed home and slept all day. Elder Owens and I went and helped a family put up their decorations on their lawn and had wonderful lesson with them after the service. Spent lots of time in the Sherwood ward these last two days. That Evening Brother Paz was not able to help the Jackson Family with their dryer so we went over to help them. In the end, the dryer and washer ended up welding themselves together because of the way it was wired. The dryer was wired Red To Red, Then Black To white, Then White To Black. The dryer outside metal was charged and the washer metal was grounded so the two made a loop of electricity. It is interesting what can happen when someone does not know what they are doing.

Sunday we had church. They announced that the ward is getting a set of sister missionaries and still will have a set of elders. This was wonderful news because the distance of our ward. We were also told that we were able to ride with sisters that are over the age of 50 and approved by the bishop. Then Bishop dropped of food for the Spanish elders and us.

This week has been a wonderful. Lots of lessons and service. There are some great things happening in the Lake Shawnee Ward. I am doing great and still working hard.

Love Elder Andrew J Allen

Monday, October 21, 2013

Oct 21, 2013

This week has been a lot of service for the members in the Lake Shawnee ward.

Monday was P-day. We had dinner with a sister in the ward that has 2 children. Brother Homewood came with us because it was a Single sister and he did not have plans for dinner. This was a exiting because the children really love the missionaries and love to teach us the lessons.

Tuesday we went to the zoo for service. Because it is turning cold here in Topeka, Rick needed to transplant plants and also do small planting projects. Rick also needed some firewood split for the Saturday boo at the Zoo party. He asked Elder Robinson and I to split the pile of wood for them. This was very fun to do. We were able to split a big part of the pile; we even split more wood than Rick thought we could. After lunch we went to the Jewell building and helped with the bishop storehouse food. This was a good time because we were able to help the family in our ward. Her husband is not a member but is coming to church and also meeting with us. We are working very close with him to get baptized on his son’s 8 birthday and also have his son be baptized.

Wednesday was weekly planning. We had a fun time planning for the different towns to visit this next week. Then we had a productive day with teaching the less active family and the members of our ward. We had 8 lessons that day. Lots of work is being done to help the less actives in our ward and help them come to church. The families out here a beginning to love us and wanting to have us over because of the spirit we bring into their homes each time we visit with them. Had dinner with the Kubie family. The Kubie family has a son on a missionary. Their daughter, that turned 19 in September, received her mission call and is going to the San Fernando mission in California. This family is helping us with people to teach and helping with us with fellowship for the less active members. They truly know what member missionary work is.

Thursday we went to the elderly home to help with crafts. There are 2 members of the Sherwood ward that live there that come to craft time. We have a fun time helping them with the simple projects. This is a small service for us but it is a great thing for them because they cannot do it without us. This evening we went a baptism in the Sherwood ward. This was a wonderful baptism because there were several investigators there. The investigators were very touched by the spirit in the chapel. We also had a flat tire. The tire was flat because of the wear on the tire and how old they are.

Friday was zone training with the zone leaders. We meet at the Jewell building at 8:30 for a 9:00 am meeting. This meeting did not end until 1:15 pm. We did not leave for lunch until about 2 pm because of passing out supplies and mail. After lunch we went and got 4 new tires for the car. The nice thing is that the car has good tires for the snow season. While waiting at the tire shop we were able to talk to the mechanic about the Gospel and about the church. He said he would call us if he ever wanted to learn more. It was raining all day and very cold.   It got to the 30 that night. I am glad to be able to drive.

Saturday we were out working when one of our members called us and asked if we would be able to go to the VA hospital and give his Friend a blessing because he is from Walmego which is about a hour drive from Topeka. We were able to go down and give him a blessing. At the hospital they thought he had an intestine infection and would have to stay at the hospital for 6 weeks. We had to put on the yellow robes. About 40 minutes later he called us and told us that he was being released because all of his test came back negative. This was a remarkable change in his life from being told he be there for 6 weeks to being released from the hospital.

Sunday we had a ward correlation meeting with Brother Scerbo, which is the ward missionary leader, and Brother Davis from Elders Quorum and Sister Clark from Primary and Sister Hit from Relief Society. We were able to talk about the members of the ward and which ones we would like to work with as a ward. At the end of the meeting we had a list of 10 people that Each Quorum is going to work with and help come to church. The Downs family did come to church and stayed for all 3 hours of church. The Downs family is really liking church and the fellowship of the ward. We then had dinner with the Scerbo Family because it was their son’s birthday. Lots of fun this Sunday.

This week has been very cold but nice weather. I am still doing well and having fun out here in Topeka Kansas.

Love Elder Andrew J Allen

Monday, October 14, 2013

October 14, 2013

This week was good, we had some great things happen to us this week. This week we had the bikes. We walked and biked a lot this week.

Monday we had a fun and played basketball, went shopping and also had dinner. Dinner was with the Paz family. The Paz’s are from California and have several grandchildren. They are a nice family because they are willing to do everything to help the missionary's.

Tuesday was service at the zoo.  Rick was back this week.  He told us that last Tuesday he was thinking of us when he was in a conference in Mississippi. This next few weeks at the zoo we are clearing out a lot that was over grown and lots of trees. After the zoo we went to the Paz house and help them with their lawn. We then had a wonderful lesson with them about the importance of coming to church and helping share the gospel with others.

Wednesday we had weekly planning for the next 10 days. During this planning we review the plans for Thursday through Sunday then we plan for the next week. This is a fun time to study about our investigators and the members that we are going to teach. After lunch we went out and were visiting less actives and active members in our area. This day I finally meet the mom of the convert that was baptized in May. She is always gone when we come over to help him and review what he has learned in seminary.  Caleb is a nice kid but it would be nice and helpful for him if his mother and sister would listen to the lessons and become a members.  This evening president Bell was up here for a meeting with the stake presidency.  After this meeting he asked several companionship to come down to the stake center and have a surprise interview with him. It was wonderful to talk to him about the area and things we are working on with the ward.

Thursday we went to the old folks home in Topeka. The missionaries go over and help with crafts and different small projects to make this retirement home look more bright and colorful. This week we made ghost and other bats for the October season.  After this craft we were able to have a lesson with a returning member of the church. Brother Shovar is an older man that has lots of medical problems because of his weight. We had a awesome lesson about the power of God in our life and how we need to seek for the Holy Ghost in our life. Then we had a lesson with the Brase family. We talked about member missionary work. 

Friday was district meeting.  Elder Owens had a great lesson on using the Restoration when teaching members about doing missionary work with their friends and family. This next mouth President Bell wants us to help motivate the members to missionary work. President Bell promised that if we would work with the members we will see people prepared to be taught the gospel. Today the Thompson family feed us at the lake. We ate on the tables right next to the lake. Brother Thompson was a missionary in the ward he now lives in. He moved back to Topeka and dated many of the members he met on his mission.

Saturday we first help mow Brother Homewood’s lawn and do his yard work for him.  Then we biked 9 miles down south to a small town of 20 houses. This was a fun bike ride because Kansas is very flat and has small parts of the ride were it was not flat. Kansas also has wind and clouds.  We tried several of the members that live there but they were not home. Dinner was with a part member family that is less active. The Downds family is very nice and kind to feed us. They feed us a wonderful meal and had a wonderful lesson. We then asked them if they would come to church. They said yes. Lots of happiness.

Sunday was church. The Downds Family came to church and had a wonderful time at church. We were asked to talk about missionary work in Relief Society. The sisters asked us questions about how to bring up the gospel to their friends and family. Church was great.

This week was a great week here in Topeka Kansas.  I am loving the letters you are sending to me. Thanks for everything. 

Love Elder Andrew Allen

Monday, October 7, 2013

Oct 7, 2013

This week has been a fun week but not that many lessons that we were able to teach.

Monday was p-day. I was able to go play disk golf. Shopping for food. Dinner was with the Clark family.

Tuesday was service at the zoo. Rick was paid to go to a convention on Monday so he was not back on Tuesday. Stacy was then in charge of the missionaries because Rick was gone. Stacy is Rick assistant at the zoo. This week at the zoo Elder Every and I got the job of trash.  This made it possible to see all of the park.  After the zoo I went with my district leader to work his area while Elder Corvalan went with Elder Budge to the Spanish branch area. This was fun to work and help my District Leader, Elder Owens. We also helped with the bishop storehouse food drop off. It is fun to help the stake with this service every other week.

Wednesday Elder Corvalan went up to Laurence for his doctor appointment. Elder Corvalan went up with the Spanish Elders to Laurence so I stayed in Topeka with Elder Owens and Elder Every. This was fun to spend a night at their house and be able to work a several days with other missionary's.

Thursday was weekly planning for the next week. After planning we went to an elderly home and helped make crafts with them. It is nice to be able to help the elderly with these simple things that are fun to see after they are done. We had dinner with the Scerbo family. Sister Scerbo is over the family history center and is working a lot with the members to help them do their family history. She gave us a booklet that is published by the church to help member have a spot to write down stories and their family stories. She wants us to give this book out to help families learn about the importance of families.

Friday we were able to see different families and less active members and remind them what was happening this weekend and the importance of watching and hearing the prophet words. This was a very good day. This night we had a big storm come in and brought with it lots of rain and wind.  We are getting nice weather out here in Topeka.

Saturday and Sunday was conference. We were able to watch it at Brother Homewood’s house. The Spanish Elders came over also to watch it with us. For the priesthood section we went to the Jewell building, they had Ice Cream for us after. Conference was very wonderful, to learn the thing we need to do in our life.

Hope all of you are doing great and had a fun time this last week. Hope fall break will be fun and relaxing. Thanks for every thing. 

Love Elder Andrew J Allen