Monday, July 28, 2014

July 28, 2014

This week has been great. We have had fun and transfers and service. 

Monday we had dinner with the Laurences. We were able to help him load a cow into his trailer so he could take it next door to have it mate with the neighbors animals. We had fun helping him. 

Tuesday Elder Shaeffer packed and got ready to leave. When Elder Shaffer was packing I cleaned the house and got things ready for Elder De Jong. Then we went to Wellington and saw a few people and then we home to get a few things for the rest of the night. When Elder Shaeffer was at the end of town a cop pulled him over and he got a $170 dollar ticket for going 43 in a 20 mile zone. Then we had dinner with Sister Mock and attended her scripture study class.
Elder Shaffer and Elder Allen

Wednesday we had time to clean house again and then drive to Wichita. In Wichita we had a music talent show and then the transfer devotional. President Bell has a rap he sang and other missionaries preformed. We also had lunch and left back to Wellington. We then mowed the Maxwell’s lawn and had dinner with the Maxwells. Then we had time to meet with the Sudekums.

Thursday we helped Brother Brundage take down the ceiling in their garage. Then we helped a less active find out why his electrical wasn't working in his new trailer. It ended up that the neutral wire was broken from the power pole to the house. The city came and fixed it when we were there. Then we had dinner with the Rinehart family. Then we saw other less actives.

Friday we visited people in Anthony and Harper. Had no luck catching people home in Harper.   Then we went to Anthony and found lots of people home. We were able to see Suzi Trotter. When we got there she explained how she wanted a blessing for her back and before her move. This was nice to be able to see someone that needed our help. Then we had dinner with Sister Boese. Sister Boese is active but her husband in not a member. We had a great time with them and getting to know him and learning about his experiences with the church.

Saturday we did some electrical for Brother Brundage. We then time to visit less actives out in the middle of no where.  It ended up being no house were the GPS put us. Then we went to dinner with the Taylor family and had coordination meeting with the senior couple.

Sunday we had church and meetings. Church was small and no investors. We also had a mission Presidents devotional in Newton, Kansas. The senior couple took us up to Newton and it ended up that President Bell was not able to make it. It ended up being regular devotional for recent converts.  We ended up get home at 10:30 pm after a long day.

This week has been great. Elder De Jong is from Utah and is Spanish speaking and came from Park City. He has been out for 6 months and went to the Mexico MTC. Thanks for all the Mail and Emails.

Love Elder Andrew Allen.
Elder Allen, Elder Leon, Elder Shaffer, Elder Cristales

Picture is of the Spanish Elders in Wichita and Wellington Elders.

Monday, July 21, 2014

July 21, 2014

I am staying in the Wellington Ward. We are going to be moving to Wellington to be closer to our investigators and the members. We will also save lots of miles every week because we don't have to drive from Argonia to Wellington 4 or 5 days each week.  My new companion is Elder De Jong.

Monday we had some excitement at the Stake Center. The fire alarm went off. The fire department came and said it was a malfunction or a miss reading of a sensor up in the air handler room. After all was done we could continue on our day.

Tuesday we had a district meeting in Wichita. Elder De Leon gave a great training and they gave us time to take a room and pray for 10 min about what we need to do to help our area and our self become a better missionary. Then we went out to Harper and had dinner with Sister Mock and then had scripture study class.

rental car
Wednesday we took time to update the area book and get every thing ready for transfers. Then we got a call from the car dealership. They were calling because our car was fixed and we could pick it up. We ended up taking time to clean it at the church building and have it nice to turn it back in. We ended up putting 2800 miles on it in about 28 days. It was very nice to have the rental car when they had to order and fix the front axel. Then we had dinner with the Rinehart family. Then after dinner Brother Rinehart and his daughter came out with us. We had a great lesson with them. During the lesson Melody, which is 10, told the first vision story all by herself to our investigator Ryan. 

Thursday we went to Harper. In the total time of the day we got stuck 3 times got lost once and had a dirty car. We were able to see 5 less active families’ and be able to see several potential investigators. Then we had dinner with the Brundages. This was the last time they could feed Elder Shaeffer and one of the last times we could eat with them before we move.

Friday we had a fun day. Help Brother Brundage remodel his garage. We took out their mudroom to make it so they could park 3 cars in their Garage. This was lots of fun.  Worked on the Area Book and had dinner with Sister Heacok. Then we went over to the Sudekum to talk about the Ward list. We went over all of the members and talked about each of them. This was great to learn about less actives that Elder Shaeffer knew before he left.

Saturday we went down south with Elder and Sister Sudekum and tried all of the less actives down there. We did not have lots of luck seeing them but we did find someone that likes family history. The senior couple is planning on helping him with his family history and then teaching him the lessons. Had dinner with the Taylor family. Then had coordination meeting with the ward mission leader. Elder Sudekum is a great ward mission leader.

Sunday we had church and then time to see people. Went out with Brother Johnson to give a blessing and was able to see one of the recent converts. Had dinner at our place.

This has been a long week. I am looking forward to my new companion. Thanks for all the Emails ands letters.
Elder Andrew Allen.

Monday, July 14, 2014

July 14, 2014

This week was Great. We had lots of time visiting less actives and talking to people at the Wheat Field Festival.

Monday we had P-day with the Missionaries up in Wichita. We have a rental car so we don't have miles to worry about. We played basketball and Volleyball. Then we had dinner with the Porter Family. Then Bishop Porter was able to come out with us to visit some people. We were able to see Ashley and teach her the first lesson. We also put her on date for July 26th. Bishop Porter was a great team up.

Tuesday we had district meeting in Wichita. We then went to Bell Plane and Harper. In Harper we had dinner with Sister Mock. Then we were able to go out on a team up with her to visit several less actives in Anthony. Had a great lesson  with the Could family.

Wednesday we had weekly planning and then went over to mow for the Maxwell's. Then we went over to the festival and talked to people. And were able to see more of our potential investigators in Wellington.

Thursday we had Zone Training in Wichita. After zone training we were able to see people again in Bell Plane. Then we had dinner with Billy Slate. Then Billy came out with us as a team up. We were able to see lots of people with him. He is a great member that has a strong testimony.

Friday we had time to work on our area book. Then we went out to work and try people and meet people visiting for the Wheat Field Days. Then we had Pizza with Brother Brundage.

Saturday we went to the Arts and Craft show and talked to people we meet. We have had many people want to learn more. We then had dinner with the Taylor Family. They just moved back into our ward from Mexico and they have 5 kids that doubled our primary.  Then we had correlation meeting with the Sudekums. Elder Sudekums did a great job of talking notes and will be a great Ward Mission Leader. This meeting was very helpful. It went very long but it has been the best I have ever had.

Sunday we had church. We had about 65 people there this Sunday. We then had a lesson with Sister Erickson and had lunch from the Porters. The Porters fixed us some hotdogs and Hamburgers from some meat in their Freezer. Then we had a great night.

We also found out that we are moving to Wellington at the end of the month. I am happy about this because we will not travel as much each week.

Thanks for everything.

Elder Andrew Allen.

Monday, July 7, 2014

July 7, 2014

This week has been great.

This last month, our mission we able to have 41 baptisms.  The Kansas Wichita Mission could never get over the bar of 32 baptisms until June. We did not make our goal but we were able to see lots of miracles and have many on date for July. In July, our goal is 75 baptisms because we as a mission are now working on finding elect families and help families progress in the gospel. The Mission council really believes if we are exactly obedient and creative in missionary work we will find these families and be able to have 75 baptisms.

Monday we had p-day in Wichita.  Played basketball and had fun as a Wichita zone. Then we had dinner with the Johnson family.

Tuesday we had Zone Conference. This started at 8 AM with Car inspections. We did not have to have our car inspected because we have a rental. We still had to help inspect all of the other mission cars. We left our house at 7AM to be at the 29th building. We had a great trainings and testimonies. We had time to role-play and then here from the missionaries that are going home these next few weeks. Then we went on exchanges with our district leader. I stayed in Wichita and went with Elder Cristales to the Spanish branch in Wichita. Elder De Leon went to Wellington with Elder Shaeffer.  We were able to help a family in Spanish branch move a few things.

The senior couple moved in to our ward. They moved from Concordia in the Salina stake to Wellington. They like their apartment and we are looking forward to their help in the ward. They are the Sudekums from Michigan and have been out for 11 months and love being missionaries.

Wednesday we were able to work with the Spanish branch. It was difficult to teach in Spanish but we only taught a few English lessons. We had dinner with their less active branch leader. Then we had to go to the church building for branch interviews.  

Thursday we had district meeting in Wichita. Before District meeting we exchanged back and then had District meeting. In Wellington we were able to see some of our investigators and members. Then we saw the Senior Couple and had time to talk about our plan for the ward.

Friday we had weekly planning and were able to see lots of people before dinner with Sister Heacok. Sister Heacok invited us to her family party. She and us were the only members there. There were several nice people that we had opportunity to talk to. There was also lots of drinking and smoking but we were able to meet lots of people. Then we went to the Lawrence's to attend their party at their pond. We had a great time watching the teen age boys play with fire works. We were not able to see lots of fireworks because we had to be in by 9 PM.

Saturday we did lots of driving to small towns.

Sunday we had church. Sacrament meeting was very interesting because we did not have bread for the sacrament and when the bread got there it was very late. Then Elder Shaeffer got relocated from Ward Mission Leader to Elders Quorum first councilor and Elder Sudekum was called to be our Ward Mission Leader. Then we then went to Harper to see less actives and potential investigators.

We have a large ward out here in Wellington. We include lots of small towns and people that live in the country. We have 13 priesthood holders that are active and only 25 children form 18 to 0 in the ward that are active. We drive lots to meetings and to the other towns. We have driven 3000 miles from the time I came into the ward. It is very nice to have a rental car because we don't have a mile allotment but we are asked to use it wisely but still use it to our advantage. If we were to drive from the east side of our ward to the West side it would take about 2 hours drive.

What I have learned in the last year.

What is the most significant thing that you have learned? I am able to recognize the promptings of the spirit and act on them

What is the most fun thing you have done? Being able to work at the zoo in Topeka each week and have fun helping in the community.  Also helping Matt Davis in Topeka with his house and pigs.

What is the most spiritual experience that you have had? Being to be able to baptize and help conform new members into the church. It is great to help investigators make it to baptism and be able then to become members.

What is the greatest thing you can do to make the next year even better? It is to work hard each day and be exactly obedient to the rules so I can have the Spirit with me always and be able to help others enter the waters of baptism.

Love Elder Andrew Allen