Monday, February 23, 2015

Feb 23, 2015

This week has been fun.  Now I have two companions here in Colorado. We are serving out in Lamar, Colorado.

Monday it was my birthday. Spent time with elders in Wichita. Spent time with Elder Hunsman, Elder Jones, Elder Clarkson and Elder MacArthur. Then we went to the Stake Center with the other missionaries. Then we had dinner with the Cardon Family. Their little daughter had a birthday also so we celebrated it together Sister Cardon made a cake and we had Ice Cream with it.

Tuesday spent most of the day packing.  Went out to eat with the district for lunch. We were able to visit with Sister Berreth. We then had dinner with the Clarks. They live up the floor from us. This was lots of fun learning about medical and dental school and playing with Lego’s with their son. Then we were able to see the Simons family and then the Marshall family and the Grantham Family.

Wednesday was transfer day. About 3/4 of the mission came to the Mission Office. We all had lunch and then had a music show and transfer devotional. We had 6 missionaries come out and about 25 go home so it was a long meeting. Then we left for Dodge City in the Mission Van. The Kitchens from the mission office drove the van. We got to Dodge around 6pm. Then we waited for Elder Blaylock and Elder Lott to get here from Colorado. We then had to drive to Lamar through Garden City. We ate dinner with the Lamar sisters in Dodge City because we were all traveling home. We ended up getting to the sister’s house after 10pm. We didn't get home till 10:30. It was a very late drive.

Lamar district Elder Allen, Elder Lott, Elder Blaylock, Elder Gordon, Sister Gordon, Sister Furner, Sister Marcum
Thursday we had time to unpack and shop and then we went over and visited Brother Kisamore. We ended up leaving Elder Lott there when Elder Blaylock and I went to visit Ben and Victoria. Then we had dinner with the Maestas Family.   Then Elder Lott and I went out to work when Elder Blaylock went to teach Marchus with Brother Maestas.

Friday we had time to weekly plan then we were able to clean the apartment then go out and work. Elder Lott went out with Tyler, a return missionary.  Elder Blaylock and I bought food for the sisters because of the big storm on Saturday. We then had dinner with Sister Hunt. Then we had time to visit a few potentials and less actives.

Saturday we had a service project at Ben and Victoria’s. We hung drywall in the house. Elder Blaylock and I and the sisters hung 6 sheets. This was lots of fun. Even Victoria, the mom came and helped us screw up the sheets on the ceiling. Then we meet Tyler and a few others in town. We then had dinner with the sisters at the church building. Then we saw Tyler our neighbor. The Millers came out with us. Brother Miller with Elder Lot and I with their son and Elder Blaylock with their other son.

Sunday we got lots of snow. Church was small because people were not able to make it. It was a great day. Then we had lunch with Zariiah. Then we went out again with the Millers.  Elder Lott and I visited Marchus and The Ortiz family and Elder Blaylock visited Brother Kisamore. Then we had dinner with the Millers.  On our way home we got stuck in a ditch for a little bit. We made it home safe. Lots of fun out in Colorado. 

Thanks for all the letters and mail. I am having lots of fun out here and seeing lots of people. Thanks for every thing. It is fun having two companions, have a safe week.

Elder Andrew Allen

Monday, February 16, 2015

Feb. 16, 2015

This week has been great.  Lots has happened.  Transfer time is here and I am moving to Lamar, Colorado now. Transfers are this Wednesday. 

Monday we had p-day in Wichita. Most of the Newton Zone came down for p-day, lots of fun with all the missionaries.  Then we went by Wily's so Elder Clay could get a hair cut. 
district picture

Tuesday we had Zone Conference. The Wichita and Newton and Derby zones got together at the mission office. There were lots of missionaries. We talked about Elder Holland’s talk on Feed my Sheep. We also talked about using the Questions of the soul to help resolve questions our investigators have. President Williams, the stake president, came and talked to the missionaries in the Wichita Stake. They feed us lunch and all had a fun time playing a game with President Bell.  Then we left to go to dinner. We had dinner with the Marshall family. Then we went out with President Crawford, the Elders Quorum President to visit the Roath family. This was a great visit with this less active Family. 

Wednesday we had weekly planning. During weekly planning the Zone Leaders came by to do Stake Reports and Apartment inspections. Then we had time to go out and work. We biked around the neighborhood talking to people and visiting investigators. Then we had dinner with the Peterson family. After dinner we had time to go out with Brother Cardon to contact a new family. We were not able to find the house. Then we went by the church to pick up crafts the activity day girls made for us for Valentines Day.

Thursday we had a day to do service. We helped brother Grantham paint his dance studio. Then we saw Sister Berreth. Then we had dinner and then helped move Brother Grantham’s sister.

Friday we had district meeting. It was the last district meeting for sister Judy in our district. Then we had time to contact a few people before dinner. We had dinner with Vam Skiver family. Then we saw Lafe Olson.

Saturday we had stake conference. At 10 am we had the baptism of Cora who the sisters taught. Then we had time to ride around seeing a few people. Then we had dinner with the Vickers.  Sister Vicker’s ex-husband was visiting the kids and stayed for dinner so it was interesting having dinner with this family on Valentines Day. Then we had stake conference.  Elder Real came to this conference. Funny thing is I meet him in Topeka when he came for stake in November. All the missionaries in the stake sang a few songs during the adult session.

Sunday we had stake conference. Elder Real talked about faith and fear.  This was a great meeting. After the meeting I was able to talk to Elder Real and thanked him for speaking at two stake conferences for me. He said it was funny that I was following him around to the state in Kansas. Then we went to visit a less active with Brother Down. Had time to visit Sister Berreth and Brother Shun and then had dinner with the Marshals.

This has been a good week. Thanks for all the emails and letters. Next email will be from Colorado. Have a great week.

Snow today as a birthday present
Elder Andrew Allen

Monday, February 9, 2015

Feb 9, 2015

This week the weather has been very interesting, very cold days on Monday and Tuesday and then nice warm days on Saturday. 

Monday we had P-Day and then we had dinner with Brother Simons. He took us out to eat. 

Tuesday we had district meeting. During District meeting we talked about using the questions of the sole to find people with problems. Then we went out to eat as a district.  Then we had d=time to see people before dinner with the Blakes. We were able to give the Blakes 2 copies of the Book of Mormon because they have names of people they want to give them to. 

Wednesday we had time to go to the Sedwick area with brother Van Skiver. We were able to see the Inkelleers and Peggy. Then we had time to start weekly planning and then we saw Sister Berreth with Brother Hunt. Then we had dinner with Wileys. They are both from Canada and all of their kids are Canada citizens. It was cool to talk with them about Canada and how it is different being in Kansas.  

Thursday we finished weekly planning and then had time to visit a few people off of the ward roster. Then we had dinner with the Hunts. I found out that I am related to Brother Hunt. His Hunt line runs through the Hunts in Snowflake and the Mormon Battalion. Then we went on splits with the Hunts. Brother Hunt went with Elder Clay to see Lafe. Caleb came with me to meet a few part member families.  

Friday Elder Clay had a doctor appointment. I was able to talk with few people in the lobby.  Then we were able to see the Petersons. We had dinner with the Petersons. Then we saw Byron and the Mricks. 

Saturday we Zone Training. Then after Zone Training we attended a baptism for the Spanish branch. Then we had district lunch at Keeper of the Plains. Then we saw Jerry and then we had dinner with the Bresses. Then we saw the Hunts because we had an appointment and Brother Hunt was going to come out with us then he canceled 5 min before. Then we saw the Marshall family. 
Keeper of the Plains

Sunday was Church. We had a great Sunday. We had lots of people there. Cora, the sister’s investigator came and now is getting baptized on Saturday. We also had many less actives come to church.  Then we saw Beth and the other Marshall family. Then we had dinner with the Threlkeld family.

This week we have had lots of time to meet new people and have had great weather. Hope all of you are staying safe and warm. 

Elder Allen

Monday, February 2, 2015

Feb 2, 2015

This week we have had great weather and bad weather. 

Monday we had several zones p-day. We watched the Other Side of Heaven and then had fun talking to missionaries in the Newton Zone. Then we had dinner with the Bennetts here in Wichita. With weather about 60 to 70 degreees.

Tuesday we had district meeting. Then we had time to walk around and bike to see people here in Wichita. We were able to bike about 5 miles and then we had dinner at our place before we saw the Marshall family. 

Wednesday we had time to have Weekly planning and we also had time to do service for a lady that lives by a member. We then had dinner with the Brobergs and then we had time to talk with the Sanders family. We also had pie with the Concourses, which are now a new senior couple in our mission office. 

Thursday we were planning on finishing the service but it got to cold outside that she canceled on us. We ended up then having time to see a few former investigators here in the area. Then Elder Clay’s bike tire broke so we ended up get in a ride from a member. We then helped Brother Granthom tape the walls at his dance studio before he painted. Then we had dinner with Downs. Then we walked to the Roath’s house after dinner which about 3 miles and then back to our apartment. 

Friday we had interviews with President Bell. Then we had training by the Aps about the amount of lessons we teach a week. The goal is to have total of 48 lessons a week. This was a great training on using time to the fullest.  Then we had district lunch and then were able to go out and work. We ended up going on exchanges with the district leader. I went with Elder Jorgensen and we tracted and talk to people in our paths. We then had dinner with the Blake family. 

Saturday we had coronation meeting with the Sisters and Brother Cardon, the Ward mission Leader. Then we went out to Pratt for a baptism.  Elder Clay taught him a lesson so we were able to travel an hour for the baptism. It ended up being a 5-hour trip but we were able to see the mission president. Then we had dinner with the Harlochers. They took a picture of us and sent it to our parents. This was lots of fun. It got really cold on Saturday. It was raining and windy all day. 

Sunday it was a very cold day. It snowed during church but it blew all away. Church was great and we had a great lesson in priesthood. Then we had dinner with the Grindstaff family. Then we walked to see a few people. It was very cold. It was about 18 when we left our house after dinner with lots of wind. We ended up getting lost after an hour of walking but were able to find the Barker family and we stopped in to get warm. He ended up giving us a ride home because it was very cold. 

I hope all of you had a great week and are staying warm. Thanks for all the letters and mail. Have a great week. 

Elder Andrew Allen