Monday, April 27, 2015

April 27, 2015

This week was good.

Monday we had zone p-day. We went down to Garden and played dodge ball. The zone leaders showed up an hour late. They were the ones with the keys to the building. Then we drove back to Lamar. On the way back we stopped by the Beards. Then we went out a helped Jarred load one of his cars on a trailer. Then we talked to Dave Miller.

Tuesday we had district meeting. After district meeting we went over to the Smith’s house to lay sod. This was lots of fun. The Smiths are not members but they are good friends with the Loveless family. Mr. Smith is also a surgeon at the Hospital. We were able to get all the grass done.  Then we saw Paulina and then had dinner with Sister Hunt. Then we had Sports Night.

Wednesday we had time to plan and to get everything up-to-date. Then we showed Paulina the Restoration DVD. We ended up having to take the TV a part so we could retrieve the DVD. It worked after we put it back together.  Then we went to Holly. We were able to find the Holly Branch Building. It is a newer building they don't use but still keep and plan on reopening it. Then we had dinner with the Smiths out in Holly.
Small Holly Building
Thursday we helped Dave Miller at work. We went up to North Queens to plant trees and to fix the drip and work around the shop. We are volunteering with the state so we can attend the voluntary dinner in May. Then we had time to eat dinner and then go to the old senior center to hear the music. We were able to talk with many of the residents there.

Friday we were able to meet many new people. We talked to Brother Kisamore. Then we talked to Tyler and Jan and Emmitt. We were also able to then have dinner with the Ortiz family. Then we were able to cheek up on Pete after his mouth surgery.

Saturday we started off the day helping one of bishop’s new tenants move a washer and dryer to her new house. It ends up that they are living across the street from the Whites. Then we had lunch and then talked to Emmitt, Jan and Stanna. Then we went out to help Dave Miller and the family with the garden.

Sunday we had church then we stayed to help with Pack meeting. Then we had lunch and then tried many people before dinner with Zaricha Sanders. Then we were able to put Percila on date for baptism.

We have had lots of work and service this week. I am looking forward to Elder Holland coming to the mission on Saturday. This is going to be fun to travel to Wichita and back in a day. Thanks for every thing.

Elder Andrew Allen

Monday, April 20, 2015

April 20, 2015

This week has been good. Lots of Driving. 

Monday we had p-day with the Fillmores and the Sisters. Then we had dinner with the Maestes Family. It was Brother Maestes birthday so it was lots of fun. Then we saw Jarred and Brittney.

Tuesday we had district meeting. The Zone Leaders came up and spent the morning with us. Then I went down to Garden City with Elder Whitaker. This was a great trip. We were able to see a few investigators before dinner with the Bishop of their ward. We were able to talk to the Bishop about how we could help him. He gave us some great ideas that we could do to help him and the ward. 

Wednesday we exchanged back. We meet at the Colorado border. We took pictures and then left. We then had time to study and weekly planning. Then we had lunch and then we went out to visit people. We were able to see Tyler and talk to Leo. Then we had dinner and then went to the church for a church tour. It ended up that he did show but we were able to talk to many members at the church building. 

Thursday we had a long day. We had lots of people not home. We were able to see Sister Smith and Brother Simmons and Pauline.  Then we had dinner with Sister Edwards and Brother Sanders. We were able to help them prepare for their wedding this week. Then we went to the Senior Center to hear Brother Simmons play in the 50-60 band. We were able to talk to lots of the people there. 

Friday morning we drove down to Garden City. Elder Mcintire had a DL meeting with the ZL and AP. During this meeting I went with the other companions out to teach people. I went with Elder Gaum and Elder Marley. They are both new missionaries so it was fun to talk to them because they asked lots of questions about my mission. Then we had lunch and drove back. We were able to see the Beard family and the Hicks on the way back. Then we had dinner with the Clarks. Then we helped Zachariah set up the Community center for the reception. 

Saturday we had the wedding at the Church Building. It was a total of 6 min with the Bishop performing the Ceremony. Then the Family took pictures and then we had the Reception at the Community Building. This was a great time because we were able to meet several people in Lamar that are not members. Then we went out to the Millers. We were able to fix the Tractor and to start to plow their garden.  We were able to talk to Opal, Brittney and Jarred out at the Millers. 

Sunday we had Church. We had a small amount of members show up. We had 111 attend church today. We were able to help a traveling nurse move in to Lamar. She met the Fillmores at the church and asked for help and we were called. Then we had dinner with the Whites. After dinner I played with their kids while the other missionaries did the lesson. We were able to build a train track. Lots of fun. Then we saw Brittney and Jarred. We were able to talk about them getting married but it sounds like this will be a hard step for them because they lose all the money from the state that they need. But we are still trying to help them. 

Thanks for every thing. Have a safe week and Remember to follow Jesus Christ. Just for your heads up we are having Elder Holland come to the Mission on May 2nd. So we will be all going to Wichita that week.  This is going to be a great day. 

Elder Andrew Allen

Monday, April 13, 2015

April 13, 2015

This week has been good. We have been able to talk to many people and see lots of members of the church.

Monday we spent most of the time at the Fillmores.  We also went to give Brittney a blessing because she has bronchitis. We had dinner and breakfast with Fillmores. Then we were able to see Brittney and Jarred and many others.
Elder Allen winning the pancake eating competition

Tuesday we had district meeting. Then we went out with Brother Miller to work for the Colorado Parks and Wildlife. We were building a rain catch to provide water for the animals.   This was lots of fun.  There was Dave Miller and Derek, Charlie, Austin Crow and the Elders. We had lots of fun and lots of driving. We even had fun talking and fixing problems. We then had dinner with the Millers and then Sports night.  Lots of fun playing dodge ball.

Wednesday we had time to talk to lots of people in our apartment. We even had time to see Pete and Stanna and Tyler. We had time to also meet many people in town.

Thursday we saw Paulina, Jamie and Dennis and the Mastes family. We then left for Garden City because of our meeting on Friday.  We were able to still talk to people as we stopped in towns and gas stations. We ended up staying the night at the Spanish Elders place in Garden City.

Friday we had Zone Training. This went very long, they went over an hour and we still had to get lunch. Then after lunch Elder Mcintir talked to the Zone leader for an hour. Then we left about 4:30. Then on our way back we saw the Beard Family. We were able to talk to them and their less active daughter and her non-member kids. The Beards have been coming to church the last 6 weeks and are working to go to the temple. Then we had dinner with the Halls.  After Dinner we went on splits. I went with Tyler Bolinger and Brother Hall went with Elder Mcintir. We all had a great time.

Saturday we did service at the Millers house. We cleaned their house and also cleaned outside. It was lots of fun talking to Brother Miller when we were working on the project. Then we talked to Jarred and Brittney out at the Millers. Then were able to see Marcus, Ben and Paulina.
Lamar District Missionaries

Sunday we had a great church meeting. We had lots of people show up. After the sacrament we had to set up more chairs. This is cool to the see the ward grow. Brittney and Jarred were able to come and stay for two hours. Then we went over to their house for lunch. Then we saw the Deman Family and the Loveless Family. Then we had dinner with the Clarks.

This had been a great week and we saw lots of progression in many people this week. Jarred and Brittney are still working to baptism. Jarred had cleared up all the legal things that were holding him back now they are planning on getting married. Thanks for every thing.

Elder Andrew Allen

Monday, April 6, 2015

April 6, 2015

This week has been very interesting. Lots of driving and some loss of sleep.  I will have to keep this short because the library is closed today out in Lamar.

Monday we had p-day. We were able to take pictures as a district. Then we had dinner with the Ortiz family. Then we went down to Springfield. It was Derek Millers birthday. So the family went down to spend it with the older daughter, Megan, in Springfield.

Tuesday we had time to eat lunch with the Fillmore's. We then had time to say bye to people. We saw the Millers and Mastes family and many others. We also had sports night. It was lots of fun to play volleyball and Dodge Ball. We had a great turn out there. 

Wednesday we got up at 2:30am to drive to the Dodge area. This was a long drive and we got there in time but it ended up that the Van from the Mission office was very late. I ended up going with Elder Walton and Elder Goum back to Garden City to work. We had lunch with a member and were able visit a few people after Elder Walton spent hours working on stake paper work. Then we met up back at the building in Dodge City when Elder McIntier got there. Also Sister Brown got here for Lamar also. Then we made the drive back.

Thursday we had time to unpack and meet a few people. We were able to have lunch with Brother Simmons then we helped Pauline move. Then we had dinner with the Clark Family. Then we went over to the Millers to have a lesson over there. They we acting like an investigator family. The sisters were passing them off to us so we could teach them. It ended up that that Brother Miller then told us that they were members and he was the AWML (a ward mission leader). Then I was able to talk to Jarred. He is doing great but working through legal things before he can be baptized. 

Friday we had District Leader Interviews. Then we saw Pauline and Jamie and Melody. Then we were able to visit with Marcus and Ben and his family. Had a great day. 

Saturday we spent most of our time at the church building. We had lunch with the Fillmore's. Then after Priesthood Session the ward had Ice Cream for us to Eat. This was a great Day.

Sunday we started off watching the first Session at the Church Building. It was only the Missionaries and the Clark family for all the Sessions. Then we again had lunch at the Fillmore's. Then we were able to watch the last session with the Millers. It ended up that Opel and Brittney and Jarred and Derek’s friend were all there. This was a great time. Then we had time to have a Lesson with them all. Then we had dinner with all of them at the Church Building and then played Dodge Ball and Volleyball. 
Lamar Missionaries with the Millers

This week has been Great. I hope you all loved Conference and got a lot out of it. Thanks for all the Letters and Emails. Keep being safe.
Elder Andrew Allen