Wednesday, March 18, 2015

March 16, 2015

This week has been great. We had lots of driving. 

Monday the ZL came to Lamar to spend some time with the Lamar District. First we had breakfast with the Fillmores, which are the new senior couple in the ward. They made us pancakes. We were able to go out to Two Buttes. This is the highest mountain in our mission. This was lots of fun. The Fillmore's and the Sisters and Then ZL all came with us to Two Buttes. This was a fun walk up to the top.  Then Elder Walton and I went to dinner with the Halls. 

Two Buttes
Tuesday we had District Meeting. After District Lunch Elder Walton and I went to visit a PMF in Lamar then we left for Garden City.  This was a long trip. The drive took us 3 hours which made the day long.  Elder Walton and I had dinner with a member out there and were able then to teach a few people out there. 

Wednesday we had time to talk and then drive half way to Lamar. We were able to meet Elder Blaylock and Jones there. Then Elder Blaylock and I were able to work with the Fillmore's on family history. We then had time to weekly plan when we were cleaning our Apartment. Then we had dinner with the Millers.

Thursday we got up at 4:30 am to go to Brittney and Jarred place to take their cigarettes from them. Jarred leaves for work then so we got there before he left. We then when back to bed and then had Family History with Brother Kisamore. We were able to find lots of his Family when we filled in his grandparent’s info into Family Search. Then we took the sisters some Medication because they were sick. Then we had dinner with the Durst Family. Then we went out to teach Brittney and Jarred at the Millers. 

Friday Elder Blaylock had a meeting in Garden City. I spent 3 hours with the Companions of the other missionaries that had to attend the meeting. We then had lunch with President Bell and the Aps and all the Leadership in the West. Then we saw the Beard Family on our way home to Lamar. Then I went to dinner with the Ortiz Family while Elder Blaylock taught Brittney and Jarred with one of the Miller Boys. Then after Dinner I went with Brother Durst to hang pictures at the church Building. 

Lamar District
Saturday we had Stake Conference and Service at the Millers. We helped with their chickens. They are getting more chickens and need to prepare for them. We also helped with cleaning up a table in their shop. We were able to watch Conference at their house over the Internet. Elder (Bishop) Causse came from Utah and spoke to us about ward and family council. 

Sunday we had Stake Conference. We were at the Church Building and had a lots of people show up to watch the broadcast from Garden City. Brittney and Jarred were able to come and watch. We then were able to help them change their Belt on there jeep at Brother Millers Place. Brittney and Jarred are on date for Baptism on April 18 and are working hard to stop Smoking. We went on splits with the Miller Family. Brother Miller went with Elder Blaylock and I went with Charlie.  We were also able to see Brother Kisamore and Chris a new Investigator. Then Charlie went to dinner with The Clarks. We were able to see lots of people and talk to many new people. 

Thanks for all the support. This week has been great and Lots of people progressing to baptism. Thanks For all the Emails and Mail. Have a Great Week.

Elder Andrew Allen

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