Monday, March 23, 2015

March 23, 2015

This week has been Great. I am loving this Lamar Ward. In Lamar we have one ward that also covers a fair amount of other small towns. We have done lots of service and driving this week.

Monday we had stake P-day. The Garden City Zone and Liberal Zone came to Garden City for a few hours. We left Colorado at 5:30 am to make the drive and time change. We were able to play dodge ball and ultimate Frisbee. We even had time to take a stake missionary picture. Then we had dinner on our way back with the Thornburgh family.

Garden and Liberal Zones
Tuesday we had district meeting and district Leader Interviews. Then we had time to go see Jamie and then we went out to have dinner with the Millers. We had some of the chicken that we killed at their house a few weeks ago. We did not tell the sisters that it was the chicken that they watched us kill. If they knew they would not have had it. Then we had Sports Night. We had lots of adults show up for Dodge ball.

Wednesday we had to clean the car. We ended up helping the sister clean their car. Then we were able to see many people. We had dinner with Brittany and Jarred and then were able to help teach them about the Law of Chastity. We were able to teach them out at the Miller’s house. This was a great lesson with them. They are doing great but are still having a hard time stopping smoking.

Sunrise with moon
Thursday we left at 3:30 Am to get to Dodge City for a specialized training. We had to have are cars spotless so that they could install Tiwi into our cars. Well these Tiwi yell at you when you do something Wrong. It is put into the cars to cut down accidents and speeding tickets and damage to cars. Salt Lake came and had them put them in all mission cars and there is a plan to get them in all cars in the USA and Canada.  One of the big guys from SLC came to watch the Oklahoma mechanics install Tiwi. Then we had a great meeting and we were able to see the new video that the church came out with for the Easter Sunday. Then we had lunch and were able to watch them test drive all the cars to see if they will yell at us for speeding, no seat Belts and aggressive driving. Then we had dinner with the Clarks.  Elder Blaylock and I got sick form the food at the Clarks.


Friday we had Family History with Brother Kismore. Then we went out the Millers to help them with taking apart a old Trailer House. They are trying to scrape the metal to get money to help pay for the expenses of their property and Medical bills. We were able to get a lot done in a few hours with Brother Miller and his two boys. Then we had dinner with the Hall Family. Then Brother Miller and his son Charlie came out to visit people with us. I went with Brother Miller was able to talk to Jamie and Ben and his Family.

Saturday we went over to the Millers to finish the trailer house. We had Breakfast with the Miller family before we started at 9 am. We were able to get all the metal off and clear off the floor. There is now a large pile of junk waiting to get burnt next rainstorm.  Even the sisters came to help. Then Tyler, a RM from Phoenix, came out with me to visit few people in town when Elder Blaylock taught Brother Millers less active children. Then we had dinner with Zerico and her fiancĂ©.  Then we went over to see Jared and Brittney at the Millers.

Sunday we had Church. No investigators came but we did have a few less actives come. Then we had Lunch at the Millers and saw a few people. Elder Blaylock went with Charlie and I when with Derrick. We had a great night.

This has been a great week. We have also started off this new week with Pancakes with the Fillmore's. Then we went on a ride-a-long with Brother Miller. Brother Miller works for the state as a wildlife tech. This was fun to spent 5 hours seeing his job and learning about deer and what to do to help find a good one to shot when it come deer season.   

Thanks for every thing.
Elder Andrew Allen.

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