Monday, March 30, 2015

March 30, 2015

Elder Blaylock is leaving Lamar :( :( But I am staying for a little bit longer.

Monday we started off this new week with Pancakes with the Fillmore's. Then we went on a ride-a-long with Brother Miller. Brother Miller works for the State as a wildlife tech. This was fun to spent 5 hours seeing his job and learning about deer and what to do to help find a good one to shot when it come deer season. Then we came to email. Then we had dinner with the Snyder family. Then we had a FHE with the Millers.

Tuesday we had district meeting.  Then Elder Blaylock did interviews with the sisters.  We were able to talk to Jame and others. Then we went out to the Millers for dinner. Then we had Sports night. This was a lot of fun. We had lots of adults and we played Dodge ball and Volleyball.

Wednesday Elder Balylock was sick. He went with Brother Millers all day to sit in his office. I went with 3 different team ups during the day. I stayed with Elder Fillmore and saw several less actives during the morning. Then Tyler Bolinger came out with me to see Jame and Pallina and many others. Then I went with Derick Miller to dinner with Sister Smith. We then had a time to talk with Brittany and Jarred about the Goals in life. This was a great day. Lots of new people I that I met.

Thursday Elder Blaylock was Sick but we were not able to find many people to go out with so we stayed home and he sleep. Then we had dinner with the Fillmores and then we had a lesson with Brittney and Jared at the Millers.

Friday we were able to help Pete start his family history. Then we had to go home and let Elder Blaylock rest because he fell asleep in the car as we drove to get lunch. We ended up going out to the Millers and splitting with Brother Miller and his boys. We were able to have a great night and see lots of people. Brother Miller told ELder Blaylovk he might have Ebola. You can get when you meat raw meet. Last Thursday we ate at the Clarks and they feed us raw meat so it sounds right. The easiest way to get rid of it is to eat lots of semi cooked rice or lots of laxatives.  HAHA

Saturday we help the Millers kill a few chickens and finish cleaning up from the trailer we took apart. We had a great time helping them. We were able to see lots of people after we did service.

Sunday we had a great time at church. We then had a meeting with Brother Miller who is the Assistant Ward mission leader. Then we had dinner with the Loveless family. Then we saw Opal Cooper, which is the Miller’s daughter.

Thanks for all the letters and emails. Have a great week. Keep safe and remember the importance of the Atonement this coming week. Thanks for every thing.

Elder Andrew Allen

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