Monday, March 2, 2015

March 2, 2015

This week we have had fun and had lots of lessons this week.

Monday was p-day with the Millers. Brother Miller was working from home so we went over and did our laundry and had fun out there all day. We even had dinner with the Millers. Then we saw the Coopers, which is Brother Miller’s daughter. She is in high school and is married. Ever since she was married she has became less active with her husband.

Look at how large of an egg Elder Blaylock and I found at the millers.
We found a total of 7 eggs in one day from 10 chickens. 

Tuesday we had District meeting. Then we had time to work. Elder Lott when out with Brother Danise. Brother Dansie served in the mission then when he went home, he came back to Lamar. His Girl Friend was baptized in December. I went out with Elder Blaylock. We were able to talk to 8 people in 30 min. Then we had dinner with the Millers. Then we had sports night. We had lost of investigators show up.

Wednesday we had weekly planning then we had district interviews and then Elder Blaylock had a Baptismal interview with Austin. We also had to take care of our car because it was hit some time on Monday night or Tuesday. Then we had time to see investigators and less actives.

Thursday we ended up doing service at the Millers house. Brother Miller had been sick since Tuesday so he stayed home with us to clean their house.  We cleaned their house for their party on Saturday. Then after dinner we took the Miller boys out with us. Elder Blaylock had another interview with Pete for baptism. We were able to get 4 members present lessons in 90 minutes. This was a great time with Future missionaries.

Friday we finished cleaning at the Millers. We ended up shampooing their carpets and cleaning their kitchen. Even the sisters came over to help. Then we had time to go out again with the Miller Boys.

Sister Furner, Pete, Sister Marcum
Saturday we had Pete’s baptism. Before the baptism Elder Blaylock and I shoveled the sidewalks at the church and filled the fount. Then we had the baptism and then time to visit the Whites and Brandon and others in town. We also had lunch with Bishop Anderson and his wife. Then we had the party at the Miller’s house. It was Charley's late birthday part. This was lots of fun because we had less actives and non members there.

Sister Marcum, Sister Furner, Annie Bollinger, Austin, Tyler Bollinger. 
Sunday we had a large group at church. Then we had Austin's baptism. Then I went out with Elder Lott and Brother Miller went with Elder Blaylock.  We were able to find a new investigator because we visited a part member family and picked up the grandmother as an investigator. Then call ins and dinner.

This was a great week. Lots of service and 2 baptisms of the sister’s investigators.

Elder Andrew Allen.  

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