Monday, May 18, 2015

May 18, 2015

This week has been Great. We have done a lot. 

Monday we had Stake P-Day in Garden. We drove down to Garden and Emailed.  Had a BBQ and played dodge ball. Then we came back up to Lamar. We had dinner with the older Anderson Family. Then we started to pack and clean our place.

Tuesday morning Sister Fillmore came over to inspect our apartment. She said it was good but we needed to clean our oven and fridge and shelves. Then we had District meeting. After District meeting we started to move apartments. We moved around the block. We are now living in one of Bishop’s places. The sister missionaries and few of our neighbors helped us move. We were able to get all the big things moved before dinner and sports night. Sports night was very small this week. Brittney and Jarred and Dave Miller were not able to come so it was a lot of younger kids. 

Wednesday we had lunch with Bishop and his wife. Then we moved a few more things. The Sisters also helped us more. The STL from Dodge were up here with the Sisters. It ended up that Sister Macrum and Sister Fernandez stayed in all day because of a migraine. So it was Sister Brown and Sister Valdivia that helped us. Then we saw Pete and Stanna and Emmit and Jan.  Then we went out to The Millers to have a lesson on Reading Maps. We were able to learn and now try not to get stuck on bad roads. 

Thursday we went to the church building to wash off our car from going out to the Millers. Then we talked to Jarred at the laundry mat. Then we had lunch. Then we went over to Opal and Riley Coopers place. We were able to talk to them and then talk to Brittney. I was able to help do the dishes at their place before the graduation party on Sunday. Then we had dinner with the Durst Family. Then we went to the last part of Institute Class. 

Friday we finished moving every thing and then Sister Fillmore passed us. We are all done with the old place but we have to keep an eye on it until Aug. Then we were able to then talk to Brittney and Jarred out at the Millers. I was also able to help with the new stereo in the Truck. Then we had Cake and Ice Cream with the Fillmores and the Sisters. 

Saturday we had Lamar Days. Started off the day with a Parade and then went to the park for the car show. We were able to have a ride on the Seat Belt Highway patrol car. This simulated a crash of 5 miles an hour. Talks about the importance of seat Belts. Then we were able to talk to many people at the park. Ran in to members and lots of nice people. Then we went to North Gateway Park for a fishing Expo. Colorado Parks and Wilde-life put on an event to help teach kids how to fish. We were able to help, watch and help the kids there. I was able to meet many of the Officers for the CPW. Then we had a meeting with our ward mission leader. 

Seat belt ride
Sunday we had Church. This week was ward Conference. After Church we had a potluck. Then we attended Lamar High School Graduation. Opal Copper and Austin Crown and Ashley all members of the ward were graduating. This was a small class but it took an hour and half to get through it all. Then we went over with the Millers to the party at the Opals. Then we had dinner with the Fillmores and then we saw Emmit and Jan.

Thanks for every thing. Have a safe week and have a fun summer. I will be finishing of my mission out here in the Lamar Ward. Also we have a temple trip the First Tuesday in June and Ipad training next week in Wichita. 

Elder Andrew Allen

Picture of Seat Belt Ride.
District Picture at the Durst House
Sun seat out at the Millers. 

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