Monday, May 11, 2015

May 11, 2015

This week has been great. This is going to be a short email. We are in Garden Right now for stake P-day. We are going to have a BBQ. 

Monday the Zone Leaders and the Garden City Elders came up to Lamar. They ate pancakes with us at the Fillmores. Elder Guam tried to get the record but he was 8 short getting it. Then we went to Two Butts and the lake. Then we had lunch and Emailed. Then we saw Brittney and Jarred. Then we talked to Emmett and Jan.

Tuesday we had district meeting. During it the Fire system inspector came and played with the fire alarm. Also a member of FM came to change a lock. I was able to talk to them after the meeting. Then we had time to see many people in town before dinner with the Mackey family. Then we had sports night. Lots of people came.

Wednesday we had time to update all the records and weekly planning. Then we were able to have dinner with the Mastas family. Then we talked to people by our apartment. There was a tornado warning for the night. We ended up going out to the Millers for a lesson and had lots of rain and wind. Lots of fun. Then we had the lesson with Brittney and Jarred. 

Thursday we talked to lots of people. We were able to talk with a few of our investigators. Had a few people complain that they couldn't get into the building to us. We ended up having to tell them we did do any thing but the FM Group changed the locks. We then had dinner with the Fillmores.

Friday we travel to Garden City for interviews with the Mission President. It went great. During the Interviews we were trained by the AP. Then we had lunch provided by the Murphy in Garden City. Then we made the drive back. We were able to help Zachariah pack up their truck to move to Pueblo.

Saturday we drove back to Garden City. We had Zone Training. Then we had lunch and then we drove back to Lamar. We were able to see a few people before dinner with the Ortiz family. Then we were able to meet with Emmett and Jan. 

Sunday we had Church. There were a lot of people that came to church because it was Mothers Day. Then we were able to go out to the Millers.  We Skyped at their house. Then we had dinner and a party for Brittney and Jarred's twins. Then we had a lesson and when home. 

This week we have driven and taught and had fun. Thanks for every thing. Keep up the good work. Have a safe week.

Elder Allen

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