Monday, June 1, 2015

June 1, 2015

This week has been interesting.
Monday we had Zone P day. We watched Ephraim’s Rescue. This was a lot of fun. Then we had dinner with the Hansel Family. Our water heater blew up today.  So no hot water.
Tuesday we had district meeting and lunch. Then Elder Helms and I went on Exchanges. We were able to see many less actives and meet lots of people. Then we had dinner with the Adams Family. Then we saw Brice.

Wednesday we had a Meeting with Elder Clark. He came from the missionary department to talk about the new changes that are going to happen. They talked about how this new program will not increases our baptism but it will help us use the resources we have and our time more effective. We still need to do our part but use the new tools we are given. Elder Clark also talked about how these new programs will help raise a more protected generation of youth and will teach us how to use the Internet and Face Book and raise our kids. This was lots of fun to be together as a mission again. Then we had time to go over and set up the baptismal interview with Sister Basham. Sister Basham’s Grandkids are ready to be baptized. Then we had a correlation meeting at the church.
Thursday we had the Baptismal Interviews for the kids. We meet with Brother Cooper and talked about the baptismal service on Saturday.  Elder Liechty our district leader was able to interview them. They both passed. Then we had dinner with the Rubbs family.  The plumber came and replaced the water heater but the Electrical was not working. So no hot water yet.
Friday we had time to prepare everything and also see many people in town. Goddard is a very small town with not a lot people. It has a Wal-Mart in town. Then we had dinner with the Ottman family. We were able to stop in and see Bill and his family. They finally got the water heater to work.  So we had a hot shower after our day.
Saturday we started the day with a move. We were able to help a family that lived in north Wichita move into our ward. They meet President Bell and he told them the missionaries would love to help. So the Zls and us went to help, they are a part member Family. Then we had the Baptism. It ended up that the Basham family thought the baptism was at 2pm. So they showed up an hour late. But it all worked out well. Then we had dinner with the Hursucel family. 
Sunday we had church and the confirmations of the Cadavid girls. It went well but we had to redo the confirmations in Sunday School because of the wording that was said. It was someone in the audience that said something to make us look into what was said and what need to be fixed. In the end we got it all worked out. We had a great time at church. Then we went over to the Baham's for lunch. Then we had dinner latter in the day with the Power Family.
This has been a great week. I will send the baptism picture when I get a copy of it. My camera is not working to well. But I have a cool picture of a wheat filed. Thanks for every thing.
Elder Andrew Allen

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