Monday, June 15, 2015

June 15, 2015

This week has been long but good.
Monday we had p-day. During p-day if fixed Elder Pasquale bike for him. Then we had dinner with the Grant Family. Then we went to FHE with the Grants and Hansen Family at the Church. They played a dodge ball tag game. This was lots of fun.
Tuesday we had district meeting. After district meeting we went on exchanges with our district leader. I went to the other area and worked with Elder Helms all day. We were able to find lots of people and have a great night.
Wednesday we exchanged back. We were able to work up in Wichita and Goddard before dinner. We were able to talk to Bill. Bill just got back from a trip and we followed up on how he was doing. We had dinner with the Hansen Family.  Then we had correlation meeting with Brother Cooper and other ward members at the Church Building.
Thursday we had dinner with the Gibson Family. Then Brother Adams came out with us. We tried a few families but no one was home. The funniest house we tried was a family we had an appointment with, they left a note on the door telling us they were not interested. But we were able to see the Cocanoure family here in Goddard.
Friday we saw the Basham Family and Jarred and few other less actives before dinner. We had dinner with the Jacob Family. Then we left to have a lesson with Bill and his family.
Saturday we had a Thank you BBQ that we attended. The missionaries before I got here helped with an angleman walk here in town. They put on a BBQ to thank all the helpers.  Then we went over to the Jacob house to help rip out the flooring. They were ripping out the carpet in the dinning area and the hard wood in the kitchen to make room for the new hardwood flooring that is getting put down. This was lots of fun. Then we were able to dinner with the Bruce family. Then we went over to the church building for a reception that the Balzer's were putting on for their daughter. This was lots of fun and food.
Sunday we had church. After church we went over to see Bill and his family. Then we had dinner with the Millward Family. Then we saw the Egglestons.
Have a safe week. Keep up the good work. Be safe. Thanks for everything.
Elder Andrew Allen.

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