Monday, June 22, 2015

June 22, 2015

Here is the last email from the Mission Field

Monday we had P-day. We had time to Email. Then I went with another set of Missionaries to go to the Mall while other missionaries went to the Zoo. We also watched an elder wax his beard off. It was lots of fun. The Family that was going to feed us was not able to so they ordered a pizza to our place. They ended up giving them the wrong address so it was an hour and a half until we got it.  Then we were able to see Phil.

Tuesday we had Zone Conference in Derby. We had car inspections and breakfast. Then we had some trainings and then we had lunch and some role plays. Then we got the I pads. All the missionaries that are going home this week were not given one. Very sad. Then we had a Testimony Meeting for all the missionaries going home in the next 3 months. This was great to hear everyone’s testimony. There are about 25 missionaries going home in the 3 zones that were there. Then we had dinner with the Jarells Family. They are our investigator family that is working on baptism.

Wednesday we had time to set up Elder McGee’s I Pad. Then we went over to the Yees to help them move a few things. That night we had dinner with the Zogg Family. It was Brother Zogg and his kids. His wife was at Girls Camp. He still cooked for us even with his wife gone.

Thursday we had time to visit people. We meet with the WML and then we saw the Stoddarts. Then we had dinner with the Eggleston Family.

Friday we had District Meeting. Then we went on Exchanges with the Zone Leaders. This was lots of fun. I went with Elder Every. It was fun to go on Exchanges with him because when I was serving in Topeka he was in my district and we went on exchanges many time before.  We had to take our car in for an oil Change. Then we saw a few people then had dinner. Then we went to volleyball night at the Church Building. Then on our way home we had to stop by the other Church Building to pick up an elder’s I pad that he left in the Class Room.

Saturday we exchanged back at the Elders Quorum BBQ. Then we had new tires put on our car. Then we saw the Jerell’s Family. Then we had dinner with Sister Galloway. 
Sunday we had Church. The Jerell’s family came to church this week. I was called up to the stand to bare my testimony because it was my last week as a missionary. So that was fun. Then we had dinner dropped off by the Parkerd family. Then we had a mission Presidents Devotional. This was for both the Derby and Wichita Stakes. This was a great meeting for Recent Converts and Investigators. It was cool to see how many families came even with it being Father’s Day. It was cool to see Peggy there. Peggy was down in Wellington when I was down there and then I ran in to her when I was in the Maize Ward. Now she is in the Andvover ward and attends church when she has off.

This week has been great.

I am truly great full that I was able to serve a mission here in Kansas. It has not been the easiest thing in the world but it has been lots of fun. I have truly learned a lot about using the Atonement every day to repent of the things that I have done wrong. That everyday we need to make steps to become a better Follower of Jesus Christ. That as we pray for help we can all ways get an answer to our prayers. It has been the best to see people that don't have Jesus Christ in their life come and learn about him. Their whole lives changes. They truly become a happy and want to make steps unto him. They truly bless their life and their family. I have also learned a lot about the area you are called to is the area that Heavenly Father needs you to be in. There are people you need to talk to and help. That as you find them and step out of you comfort zone you can see His hand in you life and everyone around you. I have truly learned a lot and am grateful I was able to serve a 2-year mission.

Thanks for every thing. Have a safe week. Keep cool this week.

Elder Andrew Allen.

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